Revealed: 4 Reasons Why Kenyan Ladies Date Nigerian Men

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It is not uncommon to see some Kenyan ladies bash and stereotype Nairobi men while publicly declaring their undying love for “Naija Men” and to some extent, these West African men take the dating game to another level leaving Kenyan ladies yearning for “more”.

As harsh as it sounds, many West African nationals illegally staying in Kenya are reported to be cons, pimps, or yahoo boys and once they suck you dry, they leave many ladies desperate in love and possibly vanish into thin air.

Not many women who are unwilling to work hard can comfortably finance their posh lifestyles in leafy apartments and high-end clubs and this is where “sponsors” and “Naija” men come in.

We have come up with a few possibilities why Nairobian slays desperately latch onto West African men, take a look;

This article is not meant to spread hate towards Nigerian men staying in the country, but to give an insight on the possibilities why some Kenyan ladies fall for the West-African Nationals.

Sweet Talking

Many Kenyan lasses have mentioned how they constantly get swept off their feet in a fraction of seconds whenever Naija men promise them something Kenyan men might financially struggle to offer; for instance a flashy lifestyle and since some women value material things over loyalty and love, they are bound to give a quick yes!

It is alleged that no Kenyan man can match up with a Nigerian man in terms of sweet words.Realizing this,West African men will bait naïve Nairobi girls with sweet affirmations Kenyan men won’t.

Chop My Money

In a few days of meeting, the Nairobi girl will be thinking she is so much in love.

A simple thought that a West-African national took it upon himself and settle in Kenya is enough to woo a money-hungry lass and staying in an established neighborhood is a plus and with just a few financial transactions and dinner dates, a naive girl can easily find herself hooked and unwilling to let go at any cost.

A few weeks after earning their trust, most financially established ladies notice the expensive gifts drying up, and the woman who is deeply smitten will turn to be the sole provider in the relationship.

Unique and Heavy Accent

The majority of native Nigerians have been blessed with a heavy and unique accent which by far beats the Kenyan Swahili or vernacular language accents

Kenyan ladies seem to easily fall for the unique and peculiar accent from Nigeria , which often comes with an assurance of a flashy lifestyle.

This can make it easier for some Kenyan ladies to continually snub loyal and hardworking Kenyan men who are still figuring themselves out.

Well-built “Bedroom Bullies“

Most Nairobi slays consider the men good-looking and would rather do all it takes to have a taste of what that well-chiseled body looks and feels like.

Even on popular Afro music videos, the Nigerian nationals time and again confess to be loaded with “big cassavas” which makes some ladies fall for them at an instant.

Most Kenyan ladies who have dated Nigerians confess to having a better time with the men compared to their Kenyan suitors.

If you choose to date a Nigerian national do a background check by taking note if their travel documents are valid and their sources of income to avoid being coned or used as the as the next link in any international fraud. Stay vigilant ladies!

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