“Rise Above Hate You Are A Lion!” Makena Njeri Advises The LGBTQ Community.

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“Gayism” has for the longest time been a sensitive subject to bring up in African families with many believing it’s demonic and should never be encouraged. This has led to stigmatization directed at the LGBTQ community causing fear for their lives if discovered by the “morally upright” citizens. Cases of bullying, mob justice is not new to the community and especially here in our country where LGBTQ are yet to find their freedom.

Media personality, who is also rumored to belong to the LGBTQ community, Makena Njeri has come out to address some incidences that she has been subjected to bullying by some tweeps. Having fast hand experience of bullying, Makena has encouraged anyone going through the same issues as hers be it because of their sexuality or bodies to be unapologetically themselves. According to her those who spew hate on them have too much pain to deal with and that she never understands the bullies’ end game.

Addressing the bullies, Makena reminded them to think about how the remarks they make at someone will make them feel. She further stated that their disgusting behaviors might be the reason some of the victims take their own life or feel less worthy. Concluding her lengthy post, Makena advises that one should remember who they are and rise above the hate as they are unstoppable.

Remember you are who you are and rise above hate you are a Lion! I am Unstoppable,” she wrote.

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