Rustic Haven. A Hidden Gem?

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I’m starting to think that I should be paid for all the good work I do in reviewing places for you guys, haha. This one is quite a treat. About a month ago, some friends of mine held an event called The Vibe. It was a really good event, in my opinion. I felt like it was targeted more towards the film industry enthusiasts since I saw people that I hadn’t seen in quite some time. It was awesome! You guys should attend the next one. It’s quite unfortunate that I couldn’t stick around for the whole event, I saw photos and videos, later on, it looked awesome! I sure missed a lot.

The event was held at a place called the Rustic Haven in Rongai. For directions, click here. It’s a bit hidden so to get to it, you have to be very particular about following the Google map directions, especially after you take the Maasai Lodge junction if you don’t know your way around.

I didn’t expect much when I visited, so my expectations were basically at ground level. I was pleasantly surprised. It really looks just like any other restaurant from the outside, but when you go in, the magic begins. The only problem I experienced was no proper parking space and the service was quite slow. Not sure if it’s because of the order I made, the fact that there was an event taking place, so the staff were a bit overwhelmed, or that they’re just that slow. When you enter the location, there’s a small bonfire area and some enclosed sitting areas. I felt like it’s an awesome place to go with groups. You can take one of the gazebo-like areas for your group and you’ll have all the privacy you need. I feel like the bonfire area would have been awesome if all this Covid and curfew nonsense wasn’t going on. I can imagine chilling with friends around the fire, enjoying good music, meat and alcohol till morning. Loved it!

There’s a small play-type area behind the sitting areas with some swings and game-oriented structures for kids to play with, probably as they wait for food. The only downside to this is that the sun can really come down on you if you’re sitting here. There’s nothing to protect you. No tents, no gazebos, nothing. They should look into that.

When it comes to food and customer service, I have nothing but praise for them. Although the food took a long time to arrive, I didn’t quarrel with them. I used that time to survey the area and see what’s up with this place. I ate a half roasted kienyeji chicken, I’m Luhya so you have to understand haha, and two sodas. Now I wish I would have taken a beer with the meal. It was beautiful! The portions were great, the taste was on point and everything was just right. I liked the chicken so much that I’m going to go all the way from Embakassi to Rustic Haven just to have some more of that chicken. I had initially ordered fish fillet but, unfortunately, it wasn’t available. The waiter recommended that I should try their chicken. I think he knew what he was doing because their chicken is awesome! The waiter was great. I forget his name but he looked Somali, thumbs up to you if you’re reading this.

I would recommend this place for first dates, group dates, team building, family gatherings and any other team or game-oriented function with up to 20 people. For dates and intimate affairs, it’s great to do something like the Nairobi Safari Walk or Oloolua Nature trail before heading here. It’s a great place to wind down and end your day. Their pricing is quite fair because I got the half chicken at KShs 600 which, in my opinion, is quite fair for a restaurant.

I’m definitely going back to Rustic Haven. Are you planning to visit or have visited Rustic Haven? Give us your thoughts using the options below.

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