See what happened to ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ actor, N!xau Toma

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African comedy ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ is one of those films that never fade from our hearts. Shot and released in the ’80s, one the actors from the entertaining sequel won the hearts of many. Bushman Xixo who was proud and strongly believed in his African roots.

The big question is, where did Xixo go after making it big in the film industry? Shockingly, the funnyman was a Namibian actor who passed on 17 years ago.

Sadly in 2003, the bushman whose real name is N!xau Toma left the world to the cruel arms of death after a short illness that rendered him lifeless after a life well-lived.

At only 59, his untimely death broke the hearts of those who loved him.

N!xau Toma

N!xau Toma shot to worldwide prominence after he made an appearance as the lead character for the 1980 ‘The Gods must be crazy comedy film. Soon after, he became one of the most improbable and peculiar celebrity actors after taking up the role.

While on-screen, the deceased proudly spoke in his local dialect while a narrator explained the interlocking plots and twists.

According to an online report by NewYork Times, the entertaining bushman was found dead near his Namibia home and the exact cause of his death still remains unclear 17 years later.

Just before his demise in 2003, N!xau had just arrived in his country where he had returned to settle in a modern lifestyle after a successful career in acting that saw him make a good fortune.

It is reported the actor made was paid $300 from ‘The Gods Must Be Crazy’ movie of 1980 but he later got rid of the money because he didn’t understand it’s value.

Subsequent filming of The God’s must be crazy sequel earned him an estimated  $500,000 (Ksh 50 Million) which took him to Hong Kong.

Over time before his death, the actor understood the value of money where he built himself a modern brick house, ventured into farming and bought a car which he hired a driver given he couldn’t do it himself.


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