Selina lead actress Celestine Gachuhi pregnant, show’s producers in dilemma

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According to emerging reports, the future of the popular TV series, Selina, will be uncertain thanks to fanning speculations hinting that the lead actress Celestine Gachuhi is expectant.

A local publication reveals, that the 25-year-old actress has caused unforeseen challenges to the entire production team, and being the lead actress, Selina’s role is an integral part of the show and the actress is in her second trimester.

“She was supposed to be at the shoot yesterday, the entire crew was there but she is the only one who didn’t show up, With her absence, the shoot couldn’t continue as she is the lead character and everything is about her.” an insider disclosed.

The widely popular show has been gracing our screens for the past three years and the finale season was scheduled for March 2022, but given the latest development occasioned by Gachuhi’s pregnancy, the continuation of the drama series is now subject to debate.

Celestine Gachuhi alias Selina

“Right now the producers are in a state of confusion, they don’t know what to do. They have been cracking their heads on how to go about the situation. They didn’t expect this to happen,” the insider added.

Another alternative is reportedly hiring someone to cast as Selina while is on maternity leave.

Gachuhi earlier this year got engaged to her longtime boyfriend gospel singer Phil Kimemia.

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