Shocking Details of What the Missing Teenage Girls were Doing Emerge.

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Shocking revelations have begun to emerge online as to where the missing 16 years old girls were after attending apparent auditions. One Phanny Kwegah has posted on her Twitter handle saying:

“The missing girls were shooting pornography. I’ve watched the videos and I’m sorry to tell y’all children cannot be left to be children. Goodness! Y’all talk to your kids, nieces, nephews, siblings’ et al!”

The newly revealed details of the whereabouts of the young girls have sparked reactions online. Here are some of the comments:

@sambillboard: It is time to bring back the cane, spare the rod, and spoil the child. It is shaping their future, people will talk when you punish them, remember the same people will still talk when your kids go astray. Be a parent set out the rules, no more naughty corners.

Jo def: Since the emergence of gengetone and some sheng hazieleweki things went south. Our moral police @EzekielMutua had actually warned that parents will have no control on these brutes courtesy of obscene contents all over

@LuizroyMutethia: btw ni nyinyi mnafunza hawa watoto tabia mbaya, parenting siku hizi imekua mhezo!! Ni nyinyi mmewafunza kuparty! Y’all party animals.

@Ke_waswa: A pastor used to caution, it’s hard to control teenagers once they understand the sweetness their private parts can deliver you can only guide them, and above all, pray!

@KwaamP:  because your parents think that they are not sexual beings; you don’t let them understand pleasure and pain in the right contexts. You ignorantly conceal pleasure only for them to discover on their own how sweet that is! Until you drop those double standards, it’s gonna be worse.


@IsaacFabrio: The idea of adopting Western Culture of avoiding physical punishment is showing us a red light, hata mimi nilichapwa and I’m not dead, cane the kid, model them









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