Shocking!Makena Njeri Opens Up On Her Relationship With Michelle Ntalami

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Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami

Alleged lovebirds Michelle Ntalami and BBC Journalist Makena Njeri have always been the talk of the town as they are always spotted together while expressing their love for each other on social media.

Speaking during an Interview with Bonga Na Jalas, Makena disclosed that they are just friends with a special kind of bond;

”We are very good friends who make a lot of waves in the country where we sit and of course globally. We are about boldness, intention, and just spreading love across the continent and even the whole world. Look at us as people who are very intentional in every single thing that we push”

When asked about her “close friend” Michelle, Makena described her as a loving individual that she loves to be around thus the speculations on their sexuality.

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”Michelle is my amazing and good friend  and that’s what people should understand and also understand the kind of brands we are and stop the small little talks that don’t actually make sense” She added

Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami

This revelation has come as a shock to those who feel they were proud flag bearers of the LGBTQ flag, Makena has cleared the air and assured netizens they are just close friends and some rumors are very unnecessary.

Makena Njeri and Michelle Ntalami

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