Snoop Dogg Steals The Show at Tyson vs Jones Jr. Fight With Savage Commentary that Got Fans in Stitches.

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Rapper Snoop Dogg has emerged as the highlight of the fight between Boxing legends Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr after making savage commentary during the fight that left viewers in stitches.

While the two veteran fighters battled it out in the ring Snoop Dogg sat at the side of the ring offering up some ‘expert’ analysis pausing only to belt out a few of his classics between fights.

The rapper was invited to the Staples Center in Los Angeles as a commentator on the hyped bout between the two boxing masterminds but as the clash spilled into eight rounds, ending in a draw, it was Snoop Dogg who stole the show.

Before the fight, Snoop performed for the crowd and afterward went backstage to join Canadian sports commentator Mauro Ranallo in throwing in witty one-liners throughout the fight.

During the Jake Paul vs Nate Robinson card, Snoop had viewers in stitches as he sang hymns and went on to shout “ Oh  Lord! “ and exclaimed as Jake folded Nate like a chair.

The highlight of the entire fight was when Snoop stepped up his shades game during Tyson and Jones Jr turn in the ring. The rapper savagely compared the two men to uncles fighting at a family get-together.

‘S**t go ahead Roy. This s**t like two of my uncles fighting at the BBQ” he goofed.

“Get your uncle out of it, get him out!” he further mocked in a higher tone.

Tyson emerged the winner on many observers’ scorecards, the ringside judges deemed that Jones Jr had done enough for a share of the spoils.

As the fight concluded Snoop Dogg jokingly asked Jones Jr to get up and meet him backstage knowing too well that the poor guy was still trying to recover from the blows from his counterpart Tyson.

“Meet me at the backyard, I’m tired of this s**t. Come on. Meet me back there, Uh? Get it, get it up in there, Roy, s**t  Snoop concluded.

Meanwhile, fans have begged Snoop Dogg to take part in sports commentary as he seemed to have made their day.

“Whoever paired up @SnoopDogg and Mauro Ranallo last night for the #tysonvsjones fight is a genius! Highly recommend checking it out.” One fan tweeted.






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