Social Media Couple Dzaddy Amore And Keranta Delete And Unfollow Each Other On Instagram

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Keranta and Dzaddy Amore

Is everything okay between teen couple Keranta and her boyfriend Dzaddy Amore?

In case your lost, the Amore family is one of the fast-rising YouTube couples who share bits of their romance by creating video content.

As seen on their couples channel dubbed “The Amore Family” the dashing couple entertain their audiences with pranks and daily life videos of a successful relationship at a young age.

Dzaddy Amore and his girlfriend Keranta have managed to overcome the stigma of “premium tears” in young relationships and many inspired fans support them by engaging with their videos and social media.

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The couple also has their unique style which is way different from the typical Kenyan social media couple who censor most of their videos and interact better with the mature audience for example the Wajesus Family.

With his stunning girlfriend, Dzaddy Amore never fails to flaunt her by posting her photos on his timeline but things seem to have taken a turn.

On the other hand, Keranta likes to show off her boyfriend on her different social media pages such as Instagram.

However, the couple has sparked breakup speculations among netizens after unfollowing and deleting each other’s cute photos on Instagram.

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The move was least expected as the couple seems invested in each other and less likely to separate without any solid reasons or signs of trouble in paradise.

Could this be a publicity stunt to build anticipation over an upcoming project or attract more subscribers?

We’ll just have to wait and see how their drama unfolds for the days to come.

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