Socialite Huddah Monroe reveals why she never hangs out with Kenyans in Dubai.

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With speculation continuing to grow over renowned Kenyan socialite, Huddah Monroe’s “overstay” in Dubai with social media users insinuating that she is under house arrest because of her involvement in her ex-boyfriend’s scandal, she has now disclosed why she never enjoys hanging out around other Kenyans living in the city. The socialite cum entrepreneur who has been enjoying her Dubai stay for over one and a half years now claimed that mingling was never part of her reason to visit the UAE.

Huddah Monroe. PHOTO; Courtesy

According to her, hanging out around her countrymates could only work to her disadvantage since too much familiarity creates fake rumors and disrespect.

People ask me why I don’t meet people from my country and hang out etc. But I didn’t come to Dubai to mingle. And also too much familiarity creates fake rumors and disrespect,” Huddah Monroe opined.

Socialite Huddah Monroe. PHOTO; Courtesy

Nonetheless, the Huddah Cosmetics founder, noted that her sentiments do not reflect her as a person stating that the few people she has managed to interact with know her as a very loving, caring, and humble person. Additionally, she mentioned that she has been watching other Kenyans living in Dubai hustles from a distance.

The few that have met me know I’m a legit, loving, and caring person. And very down to earth. I know y’all out here. I see y’all hustle and I respect that. Love from a distance,” Huddah added.

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