“Surrender!” Notorious Nakuru Gang Warned By Cop Hessy

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Nakuru Gangsters

The Kivumbini slum area in Nakuru is currently engulfed with fear after notorious hard-core criminals have constantly been terrorizing the area’s residents.

Over the weekend, two suspected criminals were claimed by death after a heated altercation between two rival gangs.

Following the growing concern by residents over the surge of criminal activities in Kivumbini, one of the fierce policemen operating in the crime hotspot Hessy, has issued a stern warning to the gang leaders to change their ways otherwise they will have it rough.

According to the no-nonsense detective, a group of young men identified as the “Watized” led by Macho and Madawa has been positively identified as killers to a crippled boy and also linked to charges of trafficking narcotic drugs.

The rest of the notorious gang members include; Raivanny the peddler, Bukachi, Jaluo sugu.

Hessy added the culprits mentioned above are the so called “big fish” of the notorious “Watized” group and once any of them is caught, their life will not be spared at any cost.

The gang members have been given 12 hours to surrender themselves to any police station and failure to that will lead to serious implications.

“#Kivumbini (nakuru)people are living in fear because of the so called watized from rhonda their master is #allan alias macho a no nonsense guy second in command is #rogers alias madawa he’s the one who killed that cripple boy, #raivanny the peddler #bukachi alias papa #wasese alias jaluo sugu.hawa ndio mabig fish wa watizedi gang,let me make this open and in an understanding manner we shall not spare any violent robbers in our country and for that reason we have declared a total war against any gang and for that reason the above-mentioned mongoloids have less than 12hrs to surrender at any police station failure to that mtajua #nzi_anaweza unda asali tamu zaidi ya nyuki…” the cop wrote.

Below are the photos of the hard-headed gangsters according to cop Hessy’s Facebook post;

Frustrated and angry Kenyans commented on the post;

Dennis Okiyah Sina huruma na mwizi,soon tutaona picha zao wakiwa washalamba ile kitu..God protect officers in every mission to protect the country.

Jane Kahenya These gangs have same things in common. Meno za chuma, mapete meengi. Hanging belt. Na sura zao always black na za kuogopwa. They betray themselves hata ukipatana nao

Edwina Bee Kill them all…don’t spare them. May Almighty God keep all of you officers safe…Amen

Eden Blacksir These boys need to know, there’s no way they’ll win this war, especially where it involves innocent civilians, there’s no way. Chao ki motoni.

Danny Danny wakubwa rayvanny ni sura mbaya kusema ukweli……kwanza tuvidole tunakaa vibaya si auze chain anunue makeup

Eric Cool Kama huyu Rayvanny anakaa ivo ka amesmiile.. Sijui ka mnafikiria chenye na fikiria..

Queen Mamake Ukiishi kwa upanga utakufa kwa upanga why terrorize innocent people?

Titus Munyasi Angel of death is busy calling their names in hell kindly speed up and send them in hell

Muriuki Saigonpunisher James tembea omingo, kibera (Rhonda) na Ndarugo river utawapata. Yuts wamevaa “WCB” sijui “wasafi” ndio hao. Huyu Bukachi hata Jana amenipita na nduthi akipepea

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