“Take your daughter from that man!” Abel Amunga reveals Ruth Matete’s mom’s dying wish.

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Renowned actor Abel Amunga has opened up about his last conversation with his daughter, Ruth Matete’s mom before her demise several years ago. Speaking in an interview with Robert Burale, the proud father of one recounted his relationship with Matete’s mom revealing that she was his high school sweetheart. During the interview, he would also recount how his ex left with their 9-month-old daughter to elope with another man who turned out to be an abuser.

Abel Amunga and his daughter Ruth Matete. PHOTO; Courtesy

She left when Ruth was 9 months old and eloped with another man. At some point, the relationship between my ex and her husband became toxic as she was also being physically abused. While expecting their third child, she was hit on the tummy and had a still birth. She got admitted to the hospital but never made it,” Abel Amunga recounted.

He went on, “Before she died I went to see her.”

Ruth Matete. PHOTO; Courtesy

According to him, she had only one wish to ask of him which was that he rescued Matete from her cruel husband as she feared for her safety. Abel continued to reveal the sad state that he found his daughter in stating that he was heartbroken at the conditions she was at.

She told me ‘look the best thing you can do for me is to go and take your daughter from that man. If you want to keep her go ahead and do so, if you want to bring her back after I get well that is okay,'” he said about his ex’s final conversation.

Ruth Matete. PHOTO; Courtesy


I took Ruth from that man, she had Kwashiokor, she was not being fed well, she was being mistreated she had never been to school at age 6 1/2. She had never worn shoes at that age. Seeing her made my heart bleed so much, it’s something I can’t explain. That is why I am who I am because I wanted to be able to give her the best life.”


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