Tanzanian artist Nandy refutes claims that she is HIV positive!

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Tanzanian songstress Nandy has been forced to clear rumors that she is HIV positive after contracting the virus from her late boyfriend Ruge who is rumored to have succumbed to the deadly virus. Nandy who had promised to respond to all of her fan questions on Instagram came out to set the records straight about her status after a fan, who caught many by surprise, took the opportunity to pose the question to the singer who, in response, refuted the claims with a solid response to clear the air.


Hivi kwamba una ukimwi ulipewa na marehemu Ruge?” posed the fan.

The Njiwa artist firmly responded, “ Nope.”


Nandy who stuck with the late Ruge till his death taking to his Instagram stories, further claimed that she is tired of being questioned about her HIV/AIDS status adding that perhaps it was time to put an end to the subject now that she had addressed it. She went on to caution her followers against bringing up the subject since according to her, such unfounded claims are the reason for increased stigmatization among people living with the virus.

Tanzanian singer Nandy

Swali la Ukimwi pia muache kuniuliza, otherwise unataka nikupunguzie kidogo… tuheshimiane! Mnafanya hata wale wanao umwa kweli wajione sio binadamu wa kawaida. Hofu ya Mungu itawale,” warned Nandy.

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