Teen Socialite Shakilla Auditions To Be Eric Omondi’s Wife, Netizens React!

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Shakilla and Eric Omondi

Africa’s President of comedy Eric Omondi recently admitted to lacking a substantial element of his life which is a wife with who he will enjoy his success.

In a video shared on his main Instagram feed, the father of one sent out a plea to Kenyan beauties who may be interested in him to send a short video introducing themselves to the phone number; 0782172766

“LONG POST🙏🙏🙏…God has been good I am blessed with good health, a successful career, some money😊😊…I can confidently say I have everything I ever dreamt of. The President of Comedy Africa and Now my dream Studio. But all these could be nothing without someone to share the moments with. Hata Adam alikua na Eve…Genesis 2:18..And God said, “IT IS NOT GOOD FOR MAN TO BE ALONE, I WILL MAKE A SUITABLE HELPER FOR HIM”. As a comedian, it has been very hard for people to take me seriously when I need them to. “ Reads part of his statement.


“This is one of those times I need KENYA MY COUNTRY, MY PEOPLE to take me seriously. I hereby PROMISE that whoever Kenyans will choose for I will do an official wedding and Marry them and Have kids with them and hopefully live happily forever. IF YOU ARE A LADY AND YOU BELIEVE YOU CAN MAKE A PERFECT WIFE FOR ME, PLEASE SEND A SHORT WHATSAPP VIDEO TO 0782172766 explaining why you think you would be best to be the LOVE OF MY LIFE. or Post the Clip and Tag me. I will post all the videos and Kenyans will help me choose a WIFE in the old African way.”He concluded

The auditions will be ending on Friday and moving forward, Kenyans will get a chance to vote and choose the most suitable wife for Eric Omondi.

Since his video went viral, Kenyan ladies in large numbers have been sending short clips of themselves outlining the reasons they are the best candidate and teen socialite Shakilla is part of the group!

Shakilla despite being young, wowed netizens by expressing her romantic interest towards the comedian and she is heard saying she will not engage in any wifely duties, such as cooking and house chores but she will bring to the table more “important things”.

According to the wannabe socialite, a good meal and cleanliness can never keep a man but instead, good sex will do the trick. Something she feels she is an expert at. Shakilla also boasted about her good bedroom skills which were apparently better than most Kenyan women’s skills.

Teen Socialite Shakilla

The lass went on to point a cowshed behind her and informed the comedian that if he were to marry her, the livestock he would bring as dowry payment would be a top-up of the cows she already owns.

Shakila’s demands and promises to Eric Omondi if he chooses to settle with her sparked a debate and mixed reactions online with a section of netizens claiming the young girl needs a mental check and others found the video hilarious.

Tourism and travel company Bonfire Adventures also joined the bandwagon and have offered to fully sponsor Eric Omondi and his new wife once voting is completed.

However, it is still unclear whether the comedian is pulling a publicity stunt or this is part of his comedy.

Check out the comments below;

Uyu sini wife wa Nairobi community 😂😂

😂😂😂😂 huyu akalale Aki..hata mwendawazimu hawezani

Tokaaaa… Kama haujui kupika kaa na mama yako.. Kwani hyo matako unazungusha hapo ndio atakula… Saitan… Your body is good for night… We need something for life

Kwani the remote cheated on you😔😂😂

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