Thank heavens! Sheila Mwanyigah narrowly escapes an accident near her home

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Sheilah Mwanyigah [Photo; google]

Former Radio presenter Sheila Mwanyigah has revealed how she narrowly escaped death after almost getting knocked in a head-on collision near her home.

Speaking a few hours after the horrific incident, the songstress said that the near-death experience would have been her second one and from the look of things, it would have been potentially fatal.

“Last night, I was almost involved in a head-on collision literally less than 30 seconds from my home! It would have been the second one I’ve experienced, and truly doubt the outcome would have been good,” she wrote.

According to Ms. Sheilah Mwanyigah, the scary experience got her crying through the night and she is happy to be alive.

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Sheilah Mwanyigah narrowly escapes an accident [photo; Google]
Sheila took time to ask netizens to take care of their lives as there is nothing important as one’s life.“That I got home is still a wonder, and I sat outside on the phone crying on the phone with my friend. Life is so precious, and nothing is guaranteed. Take a look at your life and pay attention to it more! Live out loud,” she wrote.

Her fans also reacted to her post encouraging her and wishing a well.

Wambui Mwangi: “Thank heavens you are alright. Life is precious. Waking up healthy and sound is a beautiful miracle.”

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Patrick Kamau: “Relax. Life is a risk itself. Brush with death every day, pass as if nothing happens.”

Esther Vicky: “There is a God in heaven. We thank him for saving you.”

Caroline Shyks: “God is not yet down with you. Always grateful for life.”

Rachel Njuguna: “Must be scary. Thank God you are safe.”

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