The child meme behind the angry face; here’s what happened

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The child meme behind the angry face; here’s what happened [photo;@EvansTed101. Twitter]
If you regularly browse through social media, especially Twitter, then you must have come across a viral photo of a kid with an angry frown while collecting a gift.

In the course of the year, the angry boy’s image while receiving his gift has been used as a reaction for different topics and his face says it all!

While many faces have been used to generate memes, rarely do you see the owners unveiling themselves or share a story behind the meme.

Fortunately, May 6 is the day the young man with the Twitter handle @EvansTed101 claimed that his funny photo was making people laugh alongside a recent snap of himself beside it using the “How it started vs How it’s going” format.

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Notably, there is a striking resemblance with his childhood photo, and in the present snap, is he now maintains his  ‘mature’ frown he had since his childhood.

As at the time of this publication, his post had gathered over 16,000 likes with hundreds of comments.

The child meme behind the angry face; here’s what happened [photo;@EvansTed101. Twitter]

 @awan_obongowo asked: “What were you so upset about then?”

@Larry27M asked: “Thanks to your facial expression, we’ve had so far the best meme to represent gifts that are of no value to us. Just asking, why were you angry?”

@aizenki asked: “Which school be that?” He replied: “Madonna, for area 3.”

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@OgboloDaniel said: “Me wondering what was going through your mind that moment.”

@somtopapi said: “I really would like to know why you were crying.” In a separate story,

According to Evans Ted, the man behind the meme, his angry face dates back to 2005 during his school’s price-giving day celebrations when he spotted his then “crush’’ warming up to another male student thus ruining his entire day!

“It was our graduation/prize giving day 2004/05 and I had seen my crush earlier with someone else before I got called to collect my gift. So everything felt doleful for me throughout the event” He wrote on Twitter.


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