“The timing was bad!” Karen Nyamu speaks on her second pregnancy with Samidoh.

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Weeks after controversial City lawyer cum businesswoman Karen Nyamu revealed she is expectant with renowned Mugithi singer Samidoh’s second child, she has now opened up about the pregnancy claiming that it was unplanned. Speaking in an interview with media personality Jeff Kuria on Youtube, the mother of two who was heavily criticized for being involved with a married man earlier in the year after publicly admitting to having sired her second child with the musician, alleged that her current pregnancy was unplanned and happened at a bad timing which has subsequently left her stressed.

Karen Nyamu opens up about her second pregnancy with singer Samidoh. PHOTO| Courtesy

This current pregnancy was unplanned. I got a test kit and tested from the toilet just to confirm since I had missed my periods, and I felt stupid since it was not planned for and bearing in mind we are headed to campaign season,” Karen Nyamu explained in her vernacular.

She added,

It was a surprise and I got so stressed. I did not want to believe it. I mean the timing was bad.”

Karen Nyamu with Samidoh. PHOTO| Courtesy

During the interview, Nyamu described Samidoh as a charming man based on his personality saying that he is a lady’s man. Furthermore, she continued to insist that she is not a homewrecker as she has been branded by many on the internet, maintaining that she has no intentions of stealing him from his family but co-parenting with him.

Karen Nyamu. PHOTO| Courtesy

People say that I want to take another woman’s husband, he is not that kind of a person. I think even his wife knows that. He is not easily persuaded. I think even Samidoh knows I do not have the intention to come between him and his wife,” said Nyamu.

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