Female Hypergamy & How Men Can Use It To Their Advantage

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Hypergamy is the tendency of people ‘marrying up’ in that one is attracted to a partner of a higher status than themselves. Female Hypergamy is a woman’s inclination of marrying the ‘best’ man she can find.

This stems from an innate biological motivation to get pregnant with the ‘best genes’ possible. It could be looks, intellect, power, fame, or anything that can fit in the docket of ‘best genes’

Female Hypergamy has been with us from way back since in the past marriage was considered to be the only way a woman would determine her status in life.

On the contrary,  male hypogamy was a common thing in the older days as men would ‘marry down’ their status nevertheless that seems to have changed as we now have men who prefer economically empowered women.

However, times have changed and gender roles have evolved especially with the empowerment of women who are no longer just homemakers, and caregivers like it was there before.

Gender roles might have evolved but research has shown that it is not fixed as a greater percentage of women still prefer men who are providers and protectors just like how it was in the traditional set-up

According to new research by Pew Research Center survey,  seven-in-ten adults (71%) say it is very important for a man to be able to support a family financially to be a good husband or partner. By comparison, 32% say it’s very important for a woman to do the same to be a good wife or partner.

Female Hypergamy is still much alive but not all men are born with good looks and not all men are wealthy.

The good news is that female Hypergamy does give guys without good looks and wealth a chance. Despite looks and wealth being hypergamous factors they are not the only ones. They are other ways that men can use female Hypergamy to their advantage.

Working on these traits as a man can give you a chance to meet the woman of your dreams:


There is no two way about this, women love men who are leaders and take initiative. The ones that know what they want and are not afraid to go get it.

According to women, this trait makes them feel protected and there’s no better protection than a guy who leads. The ability of a guy to follow through on what he says he will do, for instance, if you say you’re going to call, and then you don’t it is likely that you’ll lose credibility and trust in an instant.

The bottom line is to be a leader, you need to do what you said you will do and follow through with your actions. Women tend to keep records of even little things and if you’re the type that hardly keeps their word then she might not be keeping you around.

Sense of Humour

The ability to make a woman laugh can be a major plus to a man. This does not necessarily involve just making witty jokes and funny stories. It is also about not taking yourself too seriously and making time to have fun and enjoy yourself.

Harboring a light-hearted attitude makes women feel at ease around you and it helps them to be themselves around you and also have fun as well. Without feeling comfortable, it’s hard for a woman to feel attracted to you

Passion and Ambition

You have to be a man with passion and purpose in life. Why are you here? What are you working towards?

Having an inner push and goal that’s bigger than yourself is extremely attractive to any lady.

Make efforts to dress well

Be well-dressed. Women are attracted to success and one of the easiest ways to look successful is to dress well. It sends the notion that you do look after yourself and you don’t need someone else to take care of you.


Confidence in a man has female Hypergamy written all over it however there is a thin line between confidence and arrogance

Arrogance is when you try to impress others and need validation while confidence is understanding who you are including what you are good at and what you are not

Be A Good Listener

Women value being respected and being listened to. They want their opinions to be appreciated. When you are a poor listener as a man she will find you boring, cold, and heartless.

Kindness and Empathy

There’s no getting around it a woman will be comfortable around a man who is protective and full of empathy. So be kind to others, be compassionate, and be there for her.


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