Linda Wambi a young makeup artist and founder of Lynne Glam and Beauty Spot, a makeup school located in Donholm Phase 5, is determined to ensure in five years time, she’ll have a huge Beauty School dealing with makeup, hair and nails.

Linda Wambi

Linda got into the beauty and makeup artistry in April 2017 whereby she studied online for about three months and later interned for five months. During her internship, she worked with shows such as: – East African Fashion Week, the JW Show, Kenya Fashion Awards among others.

After her internship, she has  managed to work with sows such as:- African Fashion Fusion, Fashion Couture, Couture Magazine, Groove Awards, Salon Magazine, weddings and models.

African Fashion Fusion 3 promo shoot with Sharon Madonna and Faith Maureen

Groove Awards nomination night 2018, MceeIvy and Kosen Marysa

Jasho Langu video shoot 

In January 2018, she started her own makeup school which is doing pretty well. Other than training individuals how to do makeup, she also does manicure and pedicure at very affordable prices.


Linda says beauty and makeup artistry has been part of her from a tender age whereby she used to plait and retouch other girl’s hairs from primary school.

Currently, Linda is working alone as she enjoys taking all the profits home and makes decisions easily as there’s no one to oppose. However, she says she would love to have a team for financial assistance, better decision making and quality services to her clients.

As much as she enjoys her work, she says she’d have been a journalist if not a pro makeup artist. Linda is also a YouTuber and actress so her love for cameras would definitely make her a great journalist.

Linda says there’s no better competitor in the industry other than herself as she strives to bettering herself everyday through research.

“Don’t be scared to start small and grow from your mistakes,” she says to anyone who would love to get in the industry.


1.One day course        : Kshs. 2,500

2.One week course     : Kshs. 8,000

3.Two weeks course   : Kshs. 15,000

4.One month course   : Kshs. 20,000

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