TV Presenter Carolina Carlz Apologizes To Husband After Publicly Thirsting On Eric Omondi

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Remember when Eric Omondi captioned his post warning men to ‘hide their girlfriends’? Well, at the moment it seems that that wasn’t your usual comedian making jokes, because apparently, his physique has not only wowed the ladies stalking him but in one of the craziest scenarios, almost ended a relationship.

This as was the case of one Carolina Carlz, wife to white journalist Baisikelis, let the cat out of the bag after videos of her ‘drooling over a shirtless Eric Omondi ’ went viral across social media.

In the video that went viral some days ago within the week, she seems to have had an exciting time staring at a poster of him with his shirtless chest, having posted it with a caption saying, ‘Missing some black sugar’

Her post came shortly before the comedian reposted it with caption warning men to ‘hide their girlfriends’, something that left her hubby quite enraged with the video.

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What’s this supposed to mean? After everything, I’ve done for you! Who is @ericomondi ?” asked Carolina Carlz’s hubby furiously.

The frenzy didn’t even stop there, as netizens barged in and started making hilarious comments surrounding the video.

The situation would have therefore gone from bad to worse, had it not been for the former pulse live presenter deciding to quench it all down when she admitted she made it in jest, based on his lean and skinny look he had seven months ago. She also reassured him that she would also delete the post if it was making him bothered.

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“Am sorry honey about yesterday’s post. It was just a moment of weakness to a Kenyan man that I admire professionally. You r my weakness. My dzaddy.. and you damn fine n don’t need the #EricOmondi Oil…❤️ @baisikelis

Netizens also joined the conversation with mixed reactions on the video;

sam_njugush_ “Black doesn’t crack…kuja nikuonyeshe kitu”

antoniothemc “Once you go Black you will never go back🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣”

sarahsunnydays “Ahaha!!!! No money no honey 🍯 😹👄”

emmydrita “😂😂😂😂😂 Hubby ameona Hii 🔥🔥”

sensei.sean_ “Would you date a comedian?😂🤷‍♂️”

florah534 “Kumbe Carlz wewe ni mshari.😂😂😂”

dj_space_kenya “@carolinacarlz 🤣🤣🤣🤣 umeguza nipple ya Eric”

richiegikonyo “@baisikelis 😂😂😂welcome for bachelor life tutorials in Nairobi now .@carolinacarlz you are burning 🤣🤣”

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mbarire109 “@baisikelis hii inakaa jokes but ndani ndani unaskia trump akikuchekelea😂😂😂😂”o

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