Types of Women You’ll Find on Dating Apps

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It’s going to take a while, but dating apps are soon going to become commonplace. Being on Tinder or OkCupid is going to be as ordinary as being on Instagram or Twitter. The stigma is going to disappear and people will be more accommodating. However, even as we wait for that day to come, there are very many people who use dating apps and for many different reasons. Some people want a quick shag, others want friends, others enjoy going on dates and meeting new people, others are bored, others a relationship and so on and so forth.

As you comb through your matches, here’s a list of the 10 types of women you’ll find on dating apps:

  1. The Whore
    I don’t much like using this word, but it is what it is. This is very likely the first type of woman whom you will match with. More often than not, she’ll be the one to slide into your DM and initiate most of the conversation and even carry it over to WhatsApp. Once you guys have started warming up to each other, she might flat out hit you with a rate card and ask you if you’re interested in her services or she’ll ask you to hook up with her for a ‘token’.
    You can usually tell whores from the rest starting from their profile pictures. They’ll mostly be seductive photos or there won’t be any photo at all. Their profiles usually have little to no details and the phone number they’ll give you will be an Airtel or Telkom number.
  2. The Platonic One
    There’s not much to say here really. There are some people with whom the chemistry just isn’t there. It’s not anyone’s fault, it just isn’t there. The problem usually comes in when one of the parties is interested in pursuing the relationship while the other considers it purely platonic. Things could get messy later down the road. The best way is to just let it go. If it ain’t working, cut your losses
  3. The One Who’s Just Too Far
    This one’s usually painful. If you’re in this situation, I really feel for you. She’s the one that you guys just clicked from the word go, the conversation is flowing, you have a lot of things in common and every other thing seems to align. the problem is, she lives 150+ KM away. You consider for a split second that it’s not that far but after letting the distance sink in, you realize that this could never work. As much as you guys are flowing, the odds are just stacked against you. Your conversation will die a natural death when you finally have nothing to talk about. The best thing to do is to not wear out your conversation, always check in on them every now and then, you never know, things might work out one day.
  4. The Snob
    There’s an abundance of these on dating sites. I don’t know what they expect, I think they want you to come up with an extraordinary intro line and when you get into the conversation, it always has to be on a high note. Note that the high always has to be generated by you. Generally, very boring to interact with, I wouldn’t waste my time here.
  5. The Texter
    These are pretty enjoyable to match with. They may initiate the conversation but even if they don’t they’ll be very receptive and open to communication. Always replying on time, always engaging you and also wanting to know this and that about you. Problem is, they never want to get out of the texting-phase. They will engage you in hundreds of messages talking about this and that; that never really lead to anything. The end game of matching with someone is usually to meet up with them in person, however, with this one, just save your energy and move on. Unless, of course, you also enjoy those long-winded conversations. Then you can stay on and entertain each other.
  6. The Clout Chasers
    I’ve come across many of these in my day on the apps. They’ll usually have their social handles on their profiles and sometimes they even explicitly write, “I’m not here a lot, talk to me on Snapchat/Instagram/Tiktok etc”. You rush there to check them out only to find that it’s a private account (I’m talking about IG, I’ve not used Snapchat or Tiktok yet). So you have to follow them so that you can see their content and decide whether you want to engage them. I don’t know if they’re receptive to the conversation since I never really had the energy to pursue this far, but I’m guessing it’s still going to take a lot of effort.
  7. The Catfish
    No introduction needed. We all know what a catfish is. They seem to check all the boxes and will surprise you when the rubber finally hits the road.
  8. The Ugly One
    Don’t you always feel bad for this one? She’s girlfriend material. Social, polite, receptive to conversation, has a life going for herself, has a fully developed personality and is all rounded a really good person. The problem is, she doesn’t meet your beauty standards. It’s superficial, I know, but that’s just how things are. Bear in mind that beauty is subjective and someone I find beautiful might be ugly to you and vice versa. You’re always on the fence with this one and you’re even tempted to throw your standards out the window but you’re always afraid that people will laugh behind your back. Ultimately, you’ll likely miss out on this one because of that. Note that not all ugly girls have a nice personality.
  9. The Wife Material
    After searching endlessly, you finally find someone who checks most of the boxes you’ve set up. Things just flow naturally and there’s really no struggle to get the ball rolling. You feel like you’ve found the one. The dates get set up almost by themselves, you have a lot in common, they live nearby, they’re beautiful and whatnot. The problem is, it’s very difficult to find this type of woman this way. There’s always going to be something wrong with everyone you meet and so the search will go on and on.
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In my opinion, there’s really no formula for finding a relationship online. I might be right about this or I might be awfully wrong. However, whenever you’re swiping out there, keep in mind that you might want to think about the type of person you’re currently talking to.

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