“Ukunda” by Bakhita, produced by Lemi

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Bakhita’s latest single “UKUNDA” is a siren’s song about deep appreciation in recognizing the natural love and blessings that are present in our lives and letting go of societal expectations that force us to chase after beings and lifestyles that do not serve us. A true master of meaningful contemplation, Bakhita’s lyrics speak to the peace that comes with living and knowing your truth. The track has a sunny, jazzy, upbeat vibe which leads the listener to a state of freedom and bliss.  “Ukunda” is the realization that You do not have to go away to be closer to yourself.


A multidisciplinary artist, Bakhita vividly delves into descriptive sentences aimed at tugging all of your senses and scopes into perspective through a symphony of Urban Jazz, Afro Funk, and Neo-Soul. Their tone is husky and bright as they dominate multiple key ranges. Through their vocals, piano, visual art, set and conceptual design, Bakhita creates Afro Surrealist universes that challenge biased and discriminatory systems that affect marginalized communities: African women, LGBTQ+, sexual abuse victims, and mental health victims. 


“Ukunda” is the realization that we are free to grant ourselves space to heal, love and feel joy outside of the toxicity of trying to live fast and fit into foreign narratives of who we were last and understanding that as Queer humans, Women, Men and lovers of balance & peace we are still granted time to focus on mending our hearts and filling our cups before giving any part of ourselves away. 


“Ukunda” is Bakhita’s first release in 2021 following their latest EP “Conjunction: A Kiss Goodbye” which was released on 21st December 2020 when Jupiter and Saturn aligned. “Ukunda” was produced, mixed, and mastered by Lemi, one of Bakhita’s main producers. 


Release date: 21st October 2021


Written and performed by: Bakhita

Produced, mixed, and mastered by: Lemi 


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