Vera Sidika claps back at netizens asking her to stop posting baby bump photos

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Vera Sidika claps back at netizens asking her to stop posting baby bump photos [Photo; Instagram]
Heavily pregnant businesswoman Vera Sidika has hit back critiques advising her to stop posting her baby bump content online.

According to the socialite, who is currently expectant with her first child alongside her husband Brown Mwauzo, netizens should mind their business and live her alone. She went on to add that she is a public figure who uses social media to document her personal life.

“Hollywood celebrities Kim, Cardi, Beyonce dance crazy in heels on music videos while pregnant. They go on performances, events, life continues as normal. People will celebrate them more for posting pics daily. Wait till an African gets pregnant and posts a picture on Instagram, you will hear, ‘we already know you are pregnant you do not have to announce.”

The 32-year-old further criticized those who want her to stop posting her pictures across social media stating that that’s how she earns her money.

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Vera Sidika shows off baby bump [ Source; google images]
“What’s crazy is that when they are pregnant, they will still go to work till seven to eight or even nine months and get paid, but they do not want you to stay active on IG. When I get hosting gigs, they will say ‘stop moving around’ or ‘don’t go to public places where most people are or ‘that’s not good for the baby”, she added.

A few weeks back in 2018 on her YouTube channel, the mother-to-be confessed how she predicted her pregnancy three years ago and at the time, Vera said she aspires to be happily married with a kid in three years’ time.

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