Video; Mbogi Genje Caught In A Nasty Fight With Hood Rivals Gotta City

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Mbogi Genje Vs Gotta City

Sheng crooners Mbogi Genje were on Tuesday receiving and giving blows in a nasty altercation with their hood rivals Gotta City.

In a series of videos making rounds across social media, one of the group’s talented rapper Militan is spotted trying to ease up the nasty fight by stopping Gotta City’s Madocho from beating up Guzman.

According to witnesses at the scene, Gotta City allegedly appeared where Militan and Guzman were spending part of their day and started a fight.

“Hii ngori ni nyinyi ndio mlianzisha (You are the ones who started this beef) .”Militan is heard lashing out at Madocho.

According to the video, Gotta City’s Stoopid Boy hinted that the Mbogi Genje group took advantage of his talent on their quest for fame leaving them high and dry in the cold.

Madocho ,Gotta C

Stoopid Boy added that Guzman from the now-famous Mbogi Genje had stolen part of his lyrics from one of their upcoming projects after they promised to work with him.

In a quick rejoinder, however, the “Kidungi” rappers rubbished the allegations by saying the Gotta City group is only tarnishing their name to gain clout.

“We have said time and time again that we have no affiliations with any gang groups. We indeed know them since we are in the same hood, but we have had no other business associations with them,” they said

In return, Gotta City have since released a diss track dubbed “Ngumi ni Jamo, chorea Mbwegze” in response to Mbogi Genje’s famous catchphrase “Ngumi mbwegze”

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