Video of Size 8 and DJ Mo Publicly Arguing surfaces online

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A viral video of gospel couple Size 8 and DJ Mo having a heated argument in a public space has left netizens in shock and disbelief.

From the video, the parents to two beautiful children are seen exchanging words in an outside setting of what appears to be a city restaurant in Nairobi.

Before the scuffle started, Size 8 is seen leaving and her husband grabs her by the hand forcing her to sit down.

There is nothing you are telling me, just wait nkt!,” angered Size 8 said while standing up.

Just sit here,” DJ Mo asked her as he grabbed her arm.

I am not sitting down, leave me alone,” the provoked singer lashed out.


According to sources, It is unclear when the video was recorded and why the couples were engaging in a heated argument.

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The viral video has come after the two were reportedly experiencing marital problems after allegations of DJ Mo cheating on his wife started swirling on social media.

It remains unclear if there two are experiencing a rough patch in their marriage as it has not been established whether the argument was real or just a publicity stunt to promote their reality show Dine with the Murayas.

A few days ago, the mother of two shockingly revealed that she and her husband once got into a serious argument that forced her to lock the DJ out of their home.

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According to the power crooner, the argument had to involve their pastor to water things down.

I remember there was a time I was so tired of my husband that I threw him out and locked him outside. I did not want him in my house. He spoke to a pastor who calmed me down and convinced me to let DJ Mo return home,” she narrated.

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