Viral chips vending lady working under footbridge warned by KURA

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The Kenya Urban Roads Authority (KURA) has issued a public warning to viral chips vendor Bevalyne Kwamboka from selling her snacks under a footbridge erected by the busy roadside.

According to the roads authority, the young lady is operating her chips vending business illegally and this came after a few tweeps inquired from KURA if the business activities that Kwamboka has been engaging in are legal or not.

A prompt response issued by KURA on Twitter says the business is an illegal operation and an infringement of pedestrian rights adding that footbridges and walkways are not set up for any kind of business rather for pedestrian passage only.

“This is illegal and an infringement to Pedestrian rights, The Footbridges and walkways are meant for Pedestrian passage and not any form of business,” KURA replied.


@Levitomzazi: Pedestrian wanapita chini ya footbridge making Mombasa Road express way pedestrian friendly ndo manadraw the line. Mnapanda maua instead of paving it for walkways and cycling. But huyu dame ndo mnatoa makucha shidwee

@ninja_straw: Maybe illegal but very legitimate. We can always coexist with Kenyans who are trying to eke a living even if they have to setup shop by the roadside. She pays taxes so use those taxes to find us a solution on how we can coexist

@JacobAbere: Whichever Answers Thy Give on @bevalynekwambo3 and business location, let KuRA clear those underpass of Muthurwa, Outer-Allsops and along Pangani, before you pick this

@ENGnaftali: Your design is faulty then. The lady is just addressing a need. Hawking is not illegal in Kenya or New York USA.

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