“We Are Not Beefing!” Ommy Dimpoz Reveals About Their Friendship With Joho.

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Tanzanian artists Alikiba and Ommy Dimpoz share a close friendship with Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, with the latter often expressing his admiration for their music. However, the trio has ignited rumors of a possible feud among them as they no longer hang out together as much as they used to.

Ommy has recently addressed the rumors denying the claims. According to him, all is well among the three of them and they are not beefing.

It’s normal to disagree with a friend on somethings, but when that happens I pick up my phone and call Ali Kibas and apologize to him. Let me just say one thing, the relationship between me, Joho and Ali Kiba is more than a  brother. Our bond can’t be broken, hakuna tatizo lolote it’s just social media rumors. Joho is more than a brother to me and Ali Kiba. And when I go to Kenya to visit him, I do that as a brother, and I can tell you that one thing, that bond can never be broken because, for instance, we built a brotherhood when I was ailing,” he explained.

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He continued, “And I have said countless times, there is no beef. So we are good. I have no beef with Ali Kiba too, juzi nimemtext, the problem is social media when people don’t see us post pictures together, it doesn’t mean we aren’t friends, I don’t understand what people want. What do people want from me?”


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