“We Are Not Samanthas!”Lugulu Girls Strike Over Sexual Defilement Cases

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Lugulu Girls Go On Strike

Just within the scope of the already concluded 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence, it seems like people never really want to learn.

Whether it was the injustices against those girls brutalized by police in Mombasa or the reported defilement of a schoolgirl in Bungoma county, there still remains a lot to address as far as the topic of gender-based violence is concerned.

On Monday, for example, students from Lugulu Girls in Bungoma took to the streets to protest about the defilement of one of their colleagues by a teacher.

The student was said to be preparing for the Saturday classes while she was taking a bath. According to them, the perpetrator ‘attacked her in the washroom’, hence defiled her that morning. However, before things could get out of hand, by a stroke of luck, a fellow student intervened before making frantic screams of help as the perpetrator dashed into hiding.

Lugulu Girls Closed Down

Even so, the magnitude of the street protests proved that this was not an isolated case of defilement. The students also lamented how the male teachers of the school would molest them by pestering the girls to sleep with them (teachers), in order to score A grades for their exams, showing that it was a long-living matter that the students needed to see an end to.

Unfortunately, even the school has done them foul after they claimed that they made efforts to reach out for the appropriate punishment to be meted out, only for the school to try covering it up. Presumably, to keep a good reputation.

“It is very tragic that our own principal who is a woman would let such an occasion pass without action, this girl was attacked in a washroom, there is nothing like indecent dressing in washrooms,” said one student.

”We are neither Samantha’s nor sexual objects! We only have A’s to give and not our virginities!” another student lamented.

Police have embarked on launching investigations into the matter, which, unfortunately, doesn’t atone for their grievances. That’s because as far as complainants in this country are concerned, many of these minor cases do rarely go punished, therefore, chances are, the incident could go into the back burner even before it gets the public attention it needs.

Following the protests on Tuesday, the learning institution has been shut down indefinitely.


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