“We were against her and her against us!” Grace Ekirapa on her relationship with her step-mum.

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Media personality Grace Ekirapa recently opened up about her strained relationship with her step-mother admitting that she and her other siblings felt as though she was introduced to the family too soon. Well, this because they had just lost their mum and with their father bringing in another woman into their life, it felt as though he was replacing their late mum.

Grace Ekirapa. PHOTO; Courtesy

According to the NTV crossover 101 host, who is married to celebrated Kenyan actor cum singer Pascal Tokodi, her mum’s death was difficult on everyone including her father especially since they were not well acquainted with her mixed-race family and hence they had to stick together during their grief.

My mum was half Indian, half Maasai. Her death was not easy on my dad. Losing the love of his life was hard on him. We did not know a lot of people from my mum’s side so we had to support each other,” said Grace Ekirapa in an interview with Mark Brandon.

Grace Ekirapa. PHOTO; Courtesy

She continued,

My dad married again and brought a total stranger who was supposed to be our step mum but we could not understand it. We could not understand how our dad wanted to replace our mum yet we were still very little.”

Ekirapa furthermore revealed they never got along with their step-mum as she and her siblings felt as though they had to fight for their father’s attention. Additionally, she stated that she at times wishes her mum was still alive as they would be running the city.

Grace Ekirapa. PHOTO; Courtesy

The major issue is that we felt like we were fighting for our dad’s attention. We were against her and her against us and we did not get along with her. We went through some tough things but we came out stronger. Sometimes I wish mum was still alive, tungekua tunatesa hii Nairobi,” she added.

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