“Wealthy men fix everything with money and gifts!” Vera Sidika warns women.

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Popular socialite cum entrepreneur Vera Sidika has empathized with Keeping Up With The Kardashians (KUWTK) reality star Kim Kardashian following her failed marriage to billionaire rapper Kanye West. Taking to her Instagram page just recently, the socialite who claims to be secretly married to Coastal-based singer Brown Mauzo revealed why it is unadvisable for women to settle down with wealthy men.

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West. PHOTO| GOOGLE

According to Vera Sidika, Kim’s marriage is a perfect example of how wealthy men do not make the cut for the best spouses since they are physically unavailable for their partners and will always try and fix everything in their relationship with money and gifts. She went on to explain that women who desire these types of men and would rather suffer in riches than be broke, only live a fantasy.

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Socialite Vera Sidika. PHOTO; Courtesy

I completely understand what Kim went through. People claim; they would rather cry in a mansion than an apartment. But what’s sad is that the people who claim this, have never lived in a mansion with a wealthy man to know exactly how it feels. That life ain’t s**t. Even to women who’ve already made their own money!!! You’ll have all the biggest things in life & still be lonely as f**k!” warned Vera who will be marking one year in a relationship in August.

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Vera Sidika and Brown Mauzo. PHOTO; Courtesy

She added,

I’ve seen friends married to billionaires and walking out of their marriages because they just couldn’t stand it. They said ‘ata kama ni pesa heri ikae’, no affection, no attention, these men fix everything with money and gifts & clearly that not how it’s supposed to be. Money is good but once you start touching & enjoying it, you’ll get so used to it and find it so useless & unimportant to you then you start missing the ‘real life’ experience. Love, affection, care, someone to spend time with. You’ll have everything you ever wanted but still be miserable and lonely.”

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