Wendy Williams refutes claims by brother Tommy that she missed their mother’s funeral.

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American TV host Wendy Williams has set the record straight about the recent allegations by her brother Tommy Williams that she did not attend their mother’s funeral.

This comes after Tommy posted a 30 minutes YouTube video spilling it all about how his sister Wendy missed their mother’s final journey on earth just to spend time with her ex-husband, Kevin Hunter.

“My mother always said stand by your family and your sisters,” Tommy expressed in the clip. “But what makes somebody not go to their mother’s funeral? I don’t understand not giving a salute to the one person who was always there and showed you support.” He stated.

“I don’t understand how a person cannot go to a funeral and hold up the one person or the family member that you do have, the parent that you do have left, and just move on,” he continued, “Keep it moving. I don’t understand how to keep loving somebody who could cause that type of pain.”

However, the 56-year-old media personality refuted the accusations when she commented about her family’s feud on her show The Wendy Williams Show on Tuesday, January 19.

“Tommy, you know I was at mommy’s service and you know she looked beautiful in her casket, and you know that you fist fought a loving member of our family…half your age. You started a fight over an open casket with mother right there, and thank God we were at a civilized funeral home, and the men of the funeral home blocked so mommy wouldn’t fall out and there’d be a catastrophe. You should know better at 53.”

Wendy’s mother died in November 2020 and she recalled on the show how she wore “a gorgeous cheetah print dress” from Neiman Marcus and the right lipstick in a particular pink she wanted”

Another issue that emerged from Tommy’s video was about Wendy’s ex-husband who is said to have been at the funeral.

“For all of you all who wonder why I said… I appreciate my ex-husband more than I can appreciate my brother,” she explained, “it’s because my ex-husband was invited to be there.”

Wendy and Kevin officially got divorced a year ago after being married for twenty years. According to sources, Kevin sired a child with another woman.














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