“What Audacity?” Paul Okoye Blasts Davido Over His Offensive Remarks!

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Over recent days, Nigerian singer Paul Okoye alias King Rudy has reminded his fellow celebrity friends and family to mind their own business. This comes after a comment from his twin, Peter’s wife rubbed him the wrong way.

In what would pass as a harmless call for unity from the two brothers who formed Psquare before their ugly fallout, Peter’s wife, Lola Omotaye celebrated the twins’ birthday on her Instagram asking them to settle their differences.

Hmmm.., to the twins @peterpsquare @iamkingrudy whether you like it or not, you are brothers; you are not only brothers, you are TWINS! I wish you both a very happy birthday! Life is short, make the best of it! Respect and love should be sacrosanct! As we get older we should realize life is precious and time waits for no one. My 2 cents!  More blessings upon both your lives in Jesus Name,” Lola’s post read.

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In an ugly twist of event, Paul took to his stories to air out her dirty linen calling her a hypocrite. Well, Afro singer Davido also shared his thoughts about the twins calling their fans names for attending each of their birthday celebrations separately. According to Davido, the attendees made him angry to the extent he could not hold his thoughts.

Y’all n****s that went to Peter and Paul’s bday separately y’all p***y as f**k!! Them niggas is TWINS!! Not my business but S**t hurts I’m angry Walai,” he tweeted.

On what level, and what Audacity do you have to call my family and friends p***y… bro has it come to this? Am highly disappointed with you… You don’t have the right to insult my family and friends… That’s f***ked up,” Paul wrote on his stories.

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Adding,” for your info… 90% of those that came to mine still went to his… Same the other way round… And I respect their decision.”


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