Why The Hate?

During the past few weeks, we’ve witnessed a whole slew of celebrities facing backlash for their outfits or their bodies. All the celebrities I could sample were female celebrities. Part of the reason could be that society expects women to behave and dress in a certain way that conforms to what is “normal”.

For instance, Maureen Waititu was on holiday the other day and was on the receiving end of some of this backlash.

Maureen Waititu
Maureen Waititu

Here is the culprit photo that caused all the problems for some netizens. Maureen stated that people were flooding her DMs instructing her to reduce the amount of skin she shows off especially since she’s already a mother.

Well, that’s really quite the predicament, seeing as she’s on the beach and what would you wear on the beach? It’s quite insensitive to bash a celebrity for doing something that is totally normal and within specific expectations. Most times, people will go out and bash celebrities for things that they themselves do constantly.

Betty Kyallo, who is no stranger to controversy, also found herself on the receiving end of trolls.


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31 is THICK😋 @mercykyallo featuring Swimsuit @forevertrendy22_

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Betty was on vacation with her sisters and happened to post this picture. Naturally, netizens had to come out guns blazing. It’s actually ridiculous considering that this is quite a modest outfit to wear to the beach when you consider the options available.

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Just the other day, size 8 too faced the same fate. Being a born again musician, she received special attention since most netizens have unreasonably high expectations of gospel musicians.


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Huyu ni wa Topa and she can’t swim na kitenge 😂. Unaweza sana babe 😍😍😍 @size8reborn

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When you look at this, it makes you wonder, what do people expect women to wear to the beach? DJ Sadic sarcastically commented:

You are born again. Why is your wife swimming in such a costume? You should teach her at an early age. She needs to swim in a dress plus stockings and gum boots.

Other examples of celebrities who have been punished for dressing up include Sandra Dacha, commonly known as Silprosa. She’s a plus-size lady so trolls found her to be an easy target for criticism.


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Stay young and playful. The world is already too serious. #BiggestMachine

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Netizens took it a step further and decided to give her a more conservative look that they could accept.


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Okay okay okay sasa mbona mlinifanyia hivi😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂🤣 #BiggestMachine

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Lillian Muli was also on the receiving end of a troll who commented on her chest in a picture she posted.


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Tonight @mode_chateau styled me in soft nude tones. I Love the stud embellished collar and sleeves. @mode_chateau

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The troll went on to say:

Matress kwa kifua. Be natural, wrote the critic

To which Lillian responded:

@rnyamache all natural honey can’t change who I am but if my chest makes you uncomfortable look elsewhere,”  said Lilian Muli

It’s quite sad really that some people would have nothing better to do than to just put others down. It would be a great world where you don’t just strive to put others down but to lift them up. If you feel like someone is doing something inappropriate, you could inform them in private and politely instead of bashing them in public. Most of the time, the trolls’ sentiments are usually unjustified since they want everyone to conform to their standards rather than be who they really are.

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Truth is, if you’re going to be a public figure in any capacity, you have to develop a thick skin and be prepared to receive and contend with uncomfortable comments from trolls.