Yes, Enough! Frankie Claps Back At Maureen Waititu As Their Drama Escalates

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Fitness enthusiast Frankie Kiarie better known as Frankie Just GymIt alongside his baby mama Maureen Waititu have had a tough weekend following their differences in taking parental responsibilities over their two sons Lexxie and Kaikai.

Through her YouTube Channel, Maureen said she had had enough of cyberbullying and blame-shifting which propelled her to share the details of a difficult co-parenting structure with Frankie painting him as a deadbeat dad who threw them out of their house in Westlands.

According to the mother of two, her ex has failed to meet with her lawyers so they would come up with the best structure to raise the children and Frankie has been falsely throwing tantrums on social media claiming he has been denied access to his boys in a bid to get pity.

“… I am not perfect but I have done everything by the book and with sensitivity but all I have received from my Ex partner is disrespect, despise and never in a million years did I think that I would be constantly living in fear, uncertainty and judgment because of fabricated stories and false narratives about me but here I am…I will protect my children, my peace and my mental and emotional health at whatever cost.

…Since the 10th, of August, the father on my kids refused to support our kids, he threw us out of the home we were living in even after trying to sit down with my lawyer to come up with a structure to raise our kids. And now he had put a narrative about me denying him access to our kids on our son’s birthday post which he knows is untrue. We moved out, he is never bothered to find out where we live and now he’s playing the victim.” Maureen explained in part.

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Responding to his baby mama who has constantly been perceived as “bitter and resentful” by netizens, the father of three clapped back in his own YouTube video dubbed “Yes Enough!’’ and shared a series of WhatsApp conversations where Maureen is seen name-calling Corazon on various instances.

“Mark my words, my kids will never step into that filthy house. I will let your mother and your entire family knows. Ruining your kids lives because of hoe’s ass wow!’

I am taking you to Court and I am going to sue you for neglect and full custody over my children. I have every share of evidence against you. Living your best life while I do everything for these kids. Let that lawyer hoe of yours advise you. I can’t believe you have been fooling everyone making them think you care about our kids when you are out entertaining that hoe and driving her around in her own car” reads Maureen’s message to Frankie.

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The fitness trainer said that it was only natural for him to fail to provide his weekly allowances to his children because Maureen had denied him access to his children and was always controlling how he should spend time with them whenever he visited.

“She moved out without informing me on where she was relocating to so that we could agree on how to cost-share rent, This, however, suddenly changed as she told me that I would only be seeing them only once a week, on Sunday from 9 am to 5 pm, and as time went by, she began giving excuses whenever I wanted to be with the kids.” Frankie lamented.

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