“You Call Her Rihanna, I Call Her Best Friend,” Majimbo Bags Ambassadorial Job With Fenty!

Elsa Majimbo a very familiar name in the comedy industry is living her dreams at just 19 years of age. She has earned international recognition of her craft especially in this quarantine period as she has been featured by some of the biggest international media outlets like; New York Times, CNN, The Guardian among others.

However just recently the comedian’s star seems to have shone brightest as she bagged a lucrative Ambassadorial role with Rihanna’s Fenty as she’s seen in the video showcasing the brands glasses in every shade.

“Weekend antics with Kenyan comic Elsa Majimbo wearing every shade of Fenty. Happy Sunday everyone,” read an official tweet from Fenty. She, in awe of her achievements posted on her socials, ” My 19 year old self literally got a chance to work with @fentyofficial. I’m so proud!!! Thanking Fenty fam they’ve been so amazing and Rihanna for this brand.”

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Her response wouldn’t be complete without a hilarious comment as she joked of being best friends with Rihanna. She said,”I wear Fenty! Me and Rihanna are practically childhood friends. You call her Rihanna, I call her best friend.”

It is to be remembered that Majimbo’s success did not just happen overnight as she’s received backlash from both the internet, who accuse her of copying Ronoh’s style of comedy, to her father who thought she wasn’t funny which prompted Majimbo to block off all relatives that bore close relationship with her father on the social media platform.

“My dad said, ‘this is not how a Christian girl in a Christian home behaves’ and I tried to explain that it’s meant to be funny. He said I don’t see anything funny here, stop making videos of this nature immediately,” she told New York Times of her confrontation with her father.

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Majimbo who pursued journalism, revealed that her career didn’t shape out as she’d wanted but she’s grateful for the change as she has been able to find herself. “I think the career I wanted before is not what I want now. A lot of things have changed, I’ve been able to find myself in a way I hadn’t before,”she said.