“You don’t have to do this madness for likes on social media!” Ezekiel Mutua offers help to musician Embarambamba.

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Gospel musician Embarambamba has caught the attention of many in recent months including KFCB boss Ezekiel Mutua who recently warned the artist about his unique dancing styles saying that his fans could be cheering him to self-destruction.

KFCB Boss Ezekiel Mutua

I have a feeling that Embarambamba is a danger to himself and that his fans could be cheering him to self-destruction. Is this style sustainable? Is it even sane? Unless he’s superhuman, this guy will hurt himself. Someone, please stop him!” the moral cop tweeted.

The sensational Kisii artist who has earned fame from his trademark dance style of rolling in the mud and doing spine-chilling stunts in his performances, yesterday in an interview with The Trend on NTV explained that he does these spine chilling theatrics because he has grown to love drama and acrobatics and also because of poverty.

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According to him, he does not showcase his dancing skills to earn him fame but as a way of fighting poverty. Furthermore, he asked Ezekiel Mutua to come to his aid instead of criticizing his craft.

Badala ya Ezekiel Mutua kunikashifu, angesupport talent yangu,” Embarambamba told Amina Abdi during the interview.


Well, following the interview, Ezekiel Mutua took to his Twitter to send a message to the musician. In his tweet, Ezekiel Mutua asked Embarambamba to reach out to him so that he can figure out how he can help him instead of endangering himself with theatrics just for clout.

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Embarambamba on the Trend on NTV, says his theatrics are because of poverty. He’sasking for help. Bro come, lets talk. You don’t have to do this madness for likes on social media. Come let’s find a way out. You sound ok, but ur theatrics are embarrassed & must be moderated,” Ezekiel Mutua tweeted.

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